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"They're friendly and professional, and they do a great job with repairs and putting in new doors!"

-- Lauren Rowlison

"Thanks for your good service and willingness to do this for us on short notice."

-- Don Kennedy

"Thanks for your promptness."

-- Joan Albers

"The door has not given me a lick of trouble since you worked on it."

-- Dave Weiland

"A pleasure working with you."

-- Kevin Penny

more encouraging comments from our customers...

Hi-Plains door systems, High plains, garage doors, openers, installations, mechanics, hiring, Marc

"Great people who offer quality service and top notch products".

-- Spencer Young

"If they can please my Dad, they deserve a gold star...and they did just that!!"

--one of our valued customers

"Give yourself a 10 out of 10 for the great work that you do! Outsanding!"

--Gabe Stanley, Colby, KS


"Wonderful, Very pleasant, I was given excellent care...I would give them an A++!"

 --A valued customer  

Mike Hake's comment was as follows...

"My 3yr old opener quit working. Called them and they were out the next  day. Less than an hour and it's repaired. Best part is that repair  covered by warranty. Call them. Great people!"