Raynor Doors truck

Company Background

Where we've come from...

Hi-Plains Doors Systems, Inc. was founded as Raynor Doors of Colby in 1981 by Steve Alwin.  Steve was a one man operation for years, providing friendly, reliable service, installing Raynor products in the local area.  

When the local needs surpassed the capabilities of a one man crew, Steve began to keep one employee on staff until 2013, when his son, Marc, stepped in to help him run the family business.  

With goals to provide a wider range of products to a more expansive area, the two collaborated to create the Hi-Plains Door Systems, Inc. company that we know today.

Hi-Plains Door truck

Where we're going...

 Since its transition from Raynor Doors of Colby, the company now runs multiple crews and employs a larger staff.  

We offer more garage door products, in more brands, such as Alwin Family Garage Doors, CHI, Midland, and of course...Raynor.  

You can now see our trucks and technicians throughout Western Kansas, Eastern Colorado, and Southwest Nebraska.  

It is our goal to give the most timely service possible, so our customers never have to go without the working garage doors they need.