Wall Mounted Opener


 Raynor Prodigy II with WiFi comes fully equipped with must-have features including built in WiFi for smartphone control, MyQ® Remote LED light, Integrated Battery Backup and the Automatic Garage Door Lock.  

Belt Driven Opener


 Raynor Admiral II with WiFi offers the quiet reliability of a belt driven opener combined with battery backup. The quiet, DC belt drive system offers variable speed and soft start/soft stop technology, in addition to audible signal notification when the power goes out. 

Chain Driven Opener


 If you're looking for reliable, effortless operation from your garage door opener, you get it all with the Pilot II with WiFi garage door opener from Raynor. Powered by a 1/2 hp chain drive motor, it comes complete with several safety features designed to protect you, your family and your home. 

Wall Mounted Opener


Raynor Prodigy II offers an exceptional garage door access solution for garages that don’t allow for a traditional trolley operated garage door opener. The ultra-quiet, space-saving, wall-mounted jackshaft opener is ideal for applications with space limitations, as well as, situations with oversized doors or custom track configurations. Raynor Prodigy II mounts easily on the wall beside the garage door and comes with a remote light that can be positioned anywhere in the garage.

Belt Driven Opener


Driven by a powerful 1/2 HP belt drive motor, the Raynor Airman II with WiFi residential garage door opener provides quiet, reliable performance. Designed for those who want an excellent combination of value and functionality, plus the everyday dependability of a Raynor residential opener, the Airman II with WiFi has all the tools it needs to get the job done.

Chain Driven Opener


Raynor Ultra II with WiFi residential opener combines a 3/4 HP motor with a rugged I-beam rail and chassis support for added strength and reliable operation. A dual-drive sprocket allows the opener’s speed to be adjusted to optimize door and opener performance.


ControlHoist 2.0 Optima Operator


Designed for larger sectional doors, rolling doors and higher-cycle applications, the Raynor ControlHoist 2.0 Optima is a heavy-duty, gear driven door operator that is built with a continuous-duty, overload protected motor with high starting torque. All units feature heavy-duty industrial ball bearings, worm gear drive in oil bath and an electromechanical brake. Innovative features along with durable mechanical design, provide consistent and reliable operation for the most stringent applications.

ControlHoist 2.0 Standard Operator


The Raynor ControlHoist 2.0 Standard is medium-duty, belt-drive operator, designed for high cycle applications and use on standard to larger size sectional doors, rolling door and grilles. Innovative features, along with durable mechanical design, offer a consistent and reliable performance day in and day out.

ControlHoist 2.0 Basic Operator


The Raynor ControlHoist 2.0 Basic is a 1/2 horsepower, belt-drive operator, perfect for operating smaller sized sectional doors, rolling doors and grilles. This entry level operator is still loaded with innovative features along with a durable construction that is suitable for most commercial applications.

FireHoist FGH Operator


Raynor FireHoist FGH fire door operators offer 1/2 HP, 1 HP, 1-1/2 HP, 2 HP, and 3 HP inline gear reducer option providing for an integrated fire door system. Resetting of the operator is as easy as reconnecting the fusible link release cable and then activating the open control to reset the door.

The FGH models are also available for retro-fitting existing fire doors by eliminating all the components that typically fail with an operator. Other release devices can be added to the system for detector/alarm inputs and loss of power.

FireHoist FSEP Operator


Raynor FireHoist FSEP is the most versatile operator in the FireHoist lineup. FireHoist FSEP fire door operators offer 1/3 HP, 1/2 HP, 3/4 HP, 1-1/2 HP, and 2 HP, planetary reduction gear drive options, providing an integrated fire door control system. Resetting of the operator is as easy as activating the open control to reset the door with the exception of melting a fusible link. The FSEP models are also available for retro fitting existing fire doors by eliminating all the components that typically fail with an operator.